Coyote Run Billings

About the BMC Coyote Cross Country April 29 & 30

Coyote Terrain The coyote is a mysterious, adaptive and curious creature. The coyote is opportunistic, he is a masterful predator, he is a resourceful scavenger and he is quick witted and fast on his feet. There is almost nowhere in America where a coyote cannot or does not […]

BMC Events for the 2017 Season

Please visit our Calendar of Events page and browse the 2017 BMC season competitions. You can also download a Quickview PDF of the schedule here. If you have any questions, contact the promoter listed in the event details. You can also email the BMC with any questions. The […]

King of the Motos 2017 Evan Ask

BMC’s Evan Ask wins First Place at King of the Motos

Representing Montana, BMC’s Evan Ask finishes #1 for the Amateur class at “King of the Motos” The first race, in the middle of the dark, Even Ask fires up his 450 Husky, checks his GPS and full throttles it into darkness surrounded by a thick bar banging scramble […]