Become a BMC Sponsor


Thanks to people, and businesses like yours, the BMC hosts over 20 public events each year

The BMC was established in 1914 in Billings and was one of the first volunteer-based community motorcycle clubs in the entire United States.

The BMC has been working with its own generations of members, the regional community and businesses like yours through volunteer work and sponsorships to preserve and promote our local Billings motorcycle events that thousands of competitors and spectators attend. Club members, spectators and competitors have always enjoyed supporting sponsors that help the Club.

Benefits of Your Sponsorship with the BMC

  • Honorary Membership for substantial Sponsors
  • VIP All-Season passes and Single Event Tickets
  • Put up a large banner at events
  • Get your own Web Page on the BMC Site, that links to your main site
  • Have an Ad in member Communications (over 500 families)
  • Put your logo on an Event Posters, Programs and listings
  • Have your Business Announced at Events, with special promotions
  • Trophies with your Company Logo
  • See your Logo on an Event T-Shirt
  • Ad in the Website Side Bar and Event Page
  • Facebook and Blog Articles reaching thousands of people
  • Have your Banner on a Track’s Jump or Hill Climb Feature
  • Talk with a BMC Leadership person to learn more – Contact the Club

Thank you for your time and consideration for a special club and group of people that look forward to supporting your business!

Interested? Send us a note on our Contact Page and we’ll help you learn more about the variety of advertising or sponsor packages available to you.

Sponsor Packages

BMC Sponsor Package PDF Links Here. Download print and Mail.