FBMC-Spectator-tailgateamilies, friend circles, motorsports enthusiasts and outdoor event fanatics have all enjoyed Billings Motorcycle Club (BMC) spring, summer and fall competitions for almost 100 years. If you are a Billings Montana local, you’re probably familiar with an outdoor Montana Summer event and the basic preparations in the Big Sky Country’s ever-changing under-the-sky conditions. If you are new to a BMC event, here are a few tips and some guidance to make your experience outstanding. Be sure to check the Events page and “Like” our Facebook page to continue the entertainment and stay informed. You can also learn more about the BMC here.

Directions to the BMC

bmc-spectators-GA-crowdExit 447 off of I-90 (South Billings Blvd.), head south across the Yellowstone river and turn left at Casey’s Corner Exxon Station, continue 1.5 miles along the river to the large white BMC gate on the right. Once you drive through the main white gate, you’ll see an entrance and ticket area for the event. GPS location is 3630 Old Blue Creek Rd.

Safety at the Races

Spectator safety is one the BMC’s highest priorities. You’ll have opportunities to walk through the pits and cheer on the athletes in spectator areas that are right next to the action. Spectator access to the pit areas will require a release form and in many cases a wrist band indicating you’ve got access to the pit area. Think safe and be safe. If you have any questions or concerns, event personnel typically wear an event shirt, so they are easy to find.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed at BMC events.

Stay clear of the Courses and fenced competitor staging routes

Parents, friends, other family and spectators are not allowed on the race courses and must remain in the spectator areas. BMC personnel, Safety Flaggers, EMTs and other track technicians will assist any rider crash or safety situation. If you have a family member racing, be sure they have visited our Competitor page to learn more about competing safely.


Outdoor Comfort

Some events have VIP seating areas or bleachers, but it’s always a good idea to bring a lawn chair. Shade canopies are welcome too at many of the events, with the exception of the inner-Motocross track spectator area and other front-view specialty areas at high-profile events. Nighttime events can receive some precipitation, canopies and other rain, wind and weather shelter comes in handy. For gear, you might consider the following. Some event vendors have items available too.

  • Lawn Chair or other “event couch”
  • Shade Canopy or Shelter
  • Rain Jacket, warmer clothing, cooler clothing
  • Sun Protection
  • Flash Light or Lanterns for Night Races
  • Other Tailgate gear to stay comfy

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverages are available from a variety of vendors at most of the BMC events. However, most* events are open to tail gate style gatherings and bringing your own food, beverages and even BBQs are welcome. *During the BMC Great American Hill Climb, outside alcoholic beverages are prohibited, but several vendors are onsite and have a wide variety at in-town prices.