Work Party Hours History

BMC Work Party Hours To Date for 2020

NOTE: Time Recently Completed may not yet appear below.

Download a Backup Time Sheet to help track your hours below:

• Download this BMC “Back Up” time sheet, to document a copy of your hours (PDF to Print)

• Another Tip: Take a phone picture of the Work Party Sheet when you Sign-Out

Where do I find a Work Party Sheet at an Event?

  • Work Party Sheets are available at the headquarters of any event or Work Party Day/Location (Typically on a table in a shop)
  • On the sheet, enter your Member Number, Your Name, and the time you arrived to help
  • When you are done, enter the time you are leaving, and Sign-Out with your initials in the last column

Why are my hours not up-to-date?

  1. You need to Sign-In [and] Sign-Out on the Work Party Sheets
    • If you don’t Sign-In, we don’t know you helped at an event or special Work Party Day
    • If you don’t Sign-Out, we don’t know how long you were there (you will receive only 1 hour, when you don’t Sign-Out)
  2. The Event Happened recently: Hours are typically reflected on the next month’s Time Sheet PDF on this web page
  3. The Promoter has not yet supplied the Event/Work Party Sheets to the BMC Time Tracker

BMC Handbook: Work Party Hours Reference

15. All Active members, regardless of their home address (in or out of Yellowstone County) are required to participate in 26 work party hours for the BMC. Eight (8) of a member’s work party hours must come from work related to a BMC event. Approximately 24 hours should be completed by September 1st. Work part hours will be prorated based on the date of membership for the first year as follows: Jan-July 31 – 24 hrs; Aug-Sept 30 – 12 hrs; Oct-Dec 31 – 0 hrs. Any duties performed for the association, whether it be preparation for an event, work at an event, special interest work or duties pertaining to an office or special committee, shall be considered work for the Club. The roster will be kept on an hourly basis by the Board of Directors. If any member has a legitimate reason for not meeting the requirements of membership, they may meet with the Board. The Board will make a decision on the matter. Members relocated due to active duty are exempt from work party hours if their dues remain current.

Members may opt to buy-out some or all required work party hours by paying the Club $40.00 per work party hour. Work party hour buy-outs payments must be received by the Treasurer in form of cash or check (Payable to Billings Motorcycle Club®) on or before November 31st.

16. Members shall verify their number of work party hours as correct no later than October 31st of the current membership year. This allows time to rectify discrepancies.

Any disputes in recorded work party hours must be brought to the attention of the board and resolved before October 31st. After October 31st, the number of hours recorded thus far by the Work Party Hours Recorded will stand as official. Any hours short of the 26 required hours must be completed before November 30.

Work hours will not be credited unless the hours are noted on the currently approved form for work hour recording, signed by both the member and person in charge of the work efforts. Any variance from this requirement requires Board review and approval. If a member signs in on a work party sheet but does not sign out, they will be credited with one hour of work party credit only.