Work Party Info & Member Hours

What is a BMC Work Party or Event Help?

A BMC Work Party is a designated day (typically a Saturday) that any Active BMC Member can attend to perform a variety of tasks to prepare for an event, or maintain the grounds, facilities, or equipment. Your time at a Work Party goes towards your required Member hours, so be sure to “Sign In” and Sign Out” on that day’s Work party Sheet. Every event can use help, and 8 of your 26 required hours must be acquired by working at an event. Work Parties are typically hosted by a BMC Team Member, but special work projects are also requested. Work at an event by showing up and signing in, or contacting the specific event promoter for a task.

Click Here to view the latest Listing of Member Hour Totals (PDF)

Busy on the Weekends? You can perform work any day of the week. Call Darrell Devitt at 406-855-9988.

Examples of Basic help needed at an Event or Work Party

  • General event team work: Contact a Promoter
  • Running the Entrance Gate
  • Flaggers on the Practice and Event Day for MX and SX
  • Flaggers for Flat Track
  • Catchers for the Hill Climbs
  • Grounds Keeping (mowing, trimming, cutting, painting)
  • Parking Lines and event area organization
  • “Thirty-Second” Girls for Motocross, Supercross and Flat Track
  • Transponder & Timing operators
  • Pit Boss, Staging Manager
  • Trash set-up & Break Down
  • Track Preparation
  • Grounds Keeping (Mowing, Cleanup)
  • Supply Runners to supply event teams
  • Pit Entrance Manager
  • Parking area Marking
  • Registration and Sign-Ups for “At the Event” situations
  • Put up posters and other Advertising Displays

Items to Bring to a Work Party

Handy items to bring are yard tools, gloves, basic tools, eye protection, chain saw, mowers etc.


Special Tasks outside of basic Workparties

  • Event Announcers
  • Announcer Assistant (throw T-Shirts, run sound track, etc.)
  • Photography and Video at an event
  • Website, Facebook, Email Blasts and other Computer tasks
  • Welding, Fencing, Pumps/Valves, Heavy Equipment Repair, Automotive
  • Masonry and block-building Repairs and alterations
  • Heavy Equipment Operation (Dozers, Skid steer, Man-Lifts, Water truck)
  • Mobile Lighting and other nighttime equipment operation
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Managing a Special Booth at an Event
  • Sound Manager, Audio Visual
  • Schedule Rider Staging
  • Prairie Dog Elimination (without firearms)