Work Party Information

What is a BMC Work Party?

A BMC Work Party is a designated day (typically a Saturday) that any Active BMC Member can attend to perform a variety of tasks to prepare for an event, or maintain the grounds, facilities, or equipment. Your time at a Work Party goes towards your required Member hours, so be sure to “Sign In” and Sign Out” on that day’s Work party Sheet. Every event can use help, and 8 of your 26 required hours must be acquired by working at an event. Work Parties are typically hosted by a BMC Team Member, but special work projects are also requested.

Click Here to view the latest Listing of Work Party Hour Totals (PDF)

Work Parties for this Season

Busy on the Weekends? You can perform work any day of the week. Call Darrell Devitt at 406-855-9988.

Examples of Basic help needed at an Event or Work Party

  • General event team work: Contact a Promoter
  • Running the Entrance Gate
  • Flaggers on the Practice and Event Day for MX and SX
  • Flaggers for Flat Track
  • Catchers for the Hill Climbs
  • Grounds Keeping (mowing, trimming, cutting, painting)
  • Parking Lines and event area organization
  • “Thirty-Second” Girls for Motocross, Supercross and Flat Track
  • Transponder & Timing operators
  • Pit Boss, Staging Manager
  • Trash set-up & Break Down
  • Track Preparation
  • Grounds Keeping (Mowing, Cleanup)
  • Supply Runners to supply event teams
  • Pit Entrance Manager
  • Parking area Marking
  • Registration and Sign-Ups for “At the Event” situations
  • Put up posters and other Advertising Displays

Items to Bring to a Work Party

Handy items to bring are yard tools, gloves, basic tools, eye protection, chain saw, mowers etc.


Special Tasks outside of basic Workparties

  • Event Announcers
  • Announcer Assistant (throw T-Shirts, run sound track, etc.)
  • Photography and Video at an event
  • Website, Facebook, Email Blasts and other Computer tasks
  • Welding, Fencing, Pumps/Valves, Heavy Equipment Repair, Automotive
  • Masonry and block-building Repairs and alterations
  • Heavy Equipment Operation (Dozers, Skid steer, Man-Lifts, Water truck)
  • Mobile Lighting and other nighttime equipment operation
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Managing a Special Booth at an Event
  • Sound Manager, Audio Visual
  • Schedule Rider Staging
  • Prairie Dog Elimination (without firearms)