Member Overview

New BMC Member Overview

All New Members need to attend an Orientation Session

  • Orientations are held at the beginning of each season, where you also pick up your Gate Card
  • Orientations are held at the large shop on the right side of the road
  • For any general questions, ask your BMC Sponsor or send an email to
  • You can ride after the orientation, but you Must have your Helmet and a Front Number Plate with your BMC Number
  • Dogs, Pets, Fireworks and Firearms are Not allowed on BMC Grounds and Not allowed at BMC Events at any time

About the Facilities for Members

  • A Beverage Stand is located at the MX Shop (Energy drinks, Soda, Water, etc)
  • Casey’s Corner Gas & Snacks Station is located near the Club as you turn on Blue Creek Road
  • Storage Units are available, 12′ x 16′ enclosed spaces, Contact Darrell Devitt 406-855-9988
  • RV Storage (Outdoor) spaces are available for all type of trailers, Contact Darrell Devitt 406-855-9988
  • There are 2 Shops: The Big Shop Near the Hill Climbs, and the MX Shop Near the Track
  • The Grounds include 1,440 acres of hills, MX Track, 50s MX Track, Supercross Track, Endurocross Track, Flat Track, and Sand Drag Strip
  • There are no RV services on Club Grounds (no electric, no septic, no water etc.)

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Overview of Member Safety, Guidelines and Info

  • All Members MUST WEAR A HELMET AT ALL TIMES when on or riding a Motorcycle, 3-Wheeler, 4-Wheeler or other off road ATV
  • Display your BMC number on bikes’ front plates, and if competing, side plates also
  • Do a Preflight Inspection on your Bike before and after you ride
  • Full safety gear is strongly recommended: boots, gloves, goggles, chest protector, riding shirt and pants, knee pads, neck brace
  • ATVs (4-Wheelers, 3-Wheelers etc) are restricted to the lower main grounds and full width roads (such as behind the Great American hill).
  • Ride slower on the roads and gravel and flat parking areas, no burn outs or heavy throttle which damages these areas
  • Do not ride on soft mud track conditions – this causes ruts that are hard to repair. Wait till tracks dry.
  • “Stay Right” on trails, roads and hills when possible and approach hill crests carefully for oncoming riders
  • Ride with a cell phone and let others know if you plan on riding alone
  • No Dogs, fireworks or firearms on Club Property
  • Parking/staging/picnicking is open to several places appropriate for vehicles
  • Restrooms are available year round
  • Please use the trash cans and do not litter
  • Camping is welcome with tents, RVs and other trailers
  • Do Not Leave your trailer or RV parked in staging areas when you aren’t using them (use the extended RV Storage area)
  • Your Gate card will open the gates from 6 AM to 12 AM
  • Non Member Guest passes can be obtained for Members in “Good Standing”
  • Read and understand the contents of the BMC Hand Book (new editions available each March)
  • Stay in touch and participate in Club changes and Additions, by attending the Wednesday Meetings
  • Pay attention to “TRACK CLOSED” signs and other grounds or trails Warnings
  • Equipment and facility operation is for designated Members only
  • Fires are allowed, but not during events or during Fire Alerts
  • Secure your riding, trailer and picnic gear – the BMC is not responsible for theft

Member Meetings

  • Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month throughout the year
  • Meeting Location is: Columbia Hall, 2216 Grand Ave, Billings, MT 59102
  • Time is 8:PM for the Main Meeting, and 7:PM for the Executive Board Meeting
  • If you wish to present an idea or inquiry to the Board, contact a board member and be ready at 7:45PM


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Location and Emergency Numbers

  • Mailing Address (Forms/Payments /Letters): PO BOX 20421, Billings, MT 59104-0421
  • Physical Address of Grounds: 3630 Old Blue Creek Rd, Billings, MT 59101
  • GPS Coordinates: 45.735610, -108.526420 (latitude & longitude)
  • Emergency Help: Yellowstone County Sheriffs Office: 911 (Emergency) or (800) 877-1082