How You Can Help

Active BMC members can acquire required volunteer hours in a wide variety of ways. Between grounds, facilities, equipment and track maintenance and over 20 events each year, members have ample opportunities to help the Club. If you have special skills such as heavy equipment operation, computer skills, professional audio experience or event experience etc., contact a board member and let your Club know you can help in a particular way. Remember to Sign-In and Sign-out on your Work Party / Hours sheets.

Interested in something below? Send an email to or call the promoter of the event

Contact a promoter and work an event

Events can always use more help. See event details online at (Events) and contact an event’s promoter to learn how you can help. Like Motocross? Pick a Motocross event etc. Eight of your hours need to be obtained at an event.

Join a Track Team

Join an existing track team or start a new one and care for a particular track on the grounds. Tracks include: Motocross, Supercross, Flat Track, Mini Tracks, Endurocross, Sand Drag, Hill Courses and trails entrances. Teams perform dirt tune-ups, watering, new features, clean-up and other general maintenance for a better and safer riding experience.

Contact the Gate Team and help manage racer and spectator entry

Contact Annie Hammond at 406-698-0540 to help out with the BMC gates. Each BMC event needs gate workers to receive entry fees and camping fees, and provide general information.

Show up for a scheduled work party

You’ll receive a work party schedule sheet in your Member Packet, and can also find the schedule in this site’s Members area. Simply show up at the Club or other designated location. Work party leaders will designate tasks.

Safety flaggers and Hill Climb catchers

Events need many safety positions including corner flaggers and jump flaggers / Hill Climbs need hill workers and catchers. Contact the promoters of an event you are interested in. Visit the Website for the Safety Flagger training video.

Sponsor Assistants

Help take care of the Club’s sponsors by caring for banners and other advertisements at events (put up banners, take down banners, store banners).

Perform a special task requested by the Club

Listen for special projects at meetings and in email notices, for tasks such as building a cattle guard, designing a new grounds feature, remodeling an existing structure, selecting new technical hardware, or participate in a new element of an event.

Digital Communications

Help send out monthly email notices, edit Microsoft Word documents, track work hours, post on Facebook & YouTube, answer emails, or assist with a race timing crew.

Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance

Drive loaders, skid steers, dozers, dump trucks and other heavy equipment to help maintain grounds and tracks. Donate machinery for a Club project.

Construction and Metal fabrication

Help with general construction including wood, painting, insulation, masonry, electric, metal fabrication and other building needs on the grounds.

Professional Audio

Assist in the operation of existing audio systems and the development of new systems as the Club expands and enhances its audio performance for events.

Landscaping, grounds, and event cosmetics

Care for grounds greenery, painting, de-weed tracks and areas, pick up fallen tree limbs, mow grass and care for the picnic grounds and other spectator areas.

Got a new Idea for a project at the Club? Tell us about it!

Write a few notes and share them at a meeting, send an email, or contact a Board Member or promoter.