Grounds Status & Information

Current Grounds Status: OPEN

Initial Conditions

  • As always, during major events, Riding is closed on the BMC Grounds
  • Fire Danger is currently Low
  • Spring moisture and Thunderstorms can create obstacles ans wash outs


Other Tracks Conditions and Trails Conditions

  • Most tracks are in tough shape during the start of the year
  • Trails can have surprise washouts and other seasonal changes
  • Before you pull the trigger on any track or stretch of trail, take a look-see lap for conditions and watch out for other riders


In some cases the BMC Grounds and Hills are Completely closed to riding. Examples include

  • Major Event Day or Weekend will suspend all riding on tracks and trails for those event days (know when events are)
  • Specific Track or hills area Closure, due to maintenance, or Work Party Day
  • Fire Danger Closure (BMC follows BLM South Hills Riding Area Closures)


Guidance for heavy rain/muddy conditions

  • Be Mindful and keep vehicles and trailers on graveled vehicle roads and graveled parking areas (tire mud ruts are extremely difficult to repair)
  • Don’t drive a vehicle on a track or other riding area (get out and walk the track or area to look at its condition)
  • Avoid riding on tracks that are too full of moisture/water (tire mud ruts are extremely difficult to repair)
  • Hills and coulees can be difficult to ride when the mud is thick or deep at the bottom, or drainage crossings (avoid getting into a coulee you can’t get out of)
  • Wash for seasonal washouts