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Competitor Entry Forms 2014


 Competitors participating in select BMC AMA events will need an AMA Membership, or pay a single-event AMA Fee, available at the event. Not all BMC events are AMA-Sanctioned.

New 2015 season competitor entry forms will be available in the Event’s details.

New “Prospective” BMC Membership Applicants for “Active” and “Associate” positions

  • A limited number of Active Membership openings are available at the end of each season. New Prospective Active members applicants will need two current BMC Sponsors to also sign the application. New Members will pay $380 for the first 3 consecutive years and then pay $260 thereafter, for the following years. 26 volunteer work hours are required for Active members each year, 8 of those hours must come from working at an Event.
  • A limited number of Associate memberships are available each year. An Associate Membership does not require volunteer work hours and can’t participate in voting, but can include Spouse and Family members. Associate memberships are $1000 per year.

New BMC Membership Applications

There are a variety of forms and releases used by the BMC for Members, families, guests and non-member/spectator event releases. It is best to contact a BMC Member or attend a Meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday (each month) to obtain an application and have questions answered.

Guest Pass for Non-Members to Ride on the Club Grounds with You

Good standing members may complete the form below to apply for a one day riding pass for a Non member to ride on BMC club grounds. The form must be completed, notarized and approved by a BMC board Member to obtain a guest Wrist Band. Guests must be attended at all times by the sponsoring BMC member.


Competitors participating in BMC AMA events will need an AMA Membership, or pay a single-event AMA Fee, available at the event.

Event Entry Forms

There are different entry forms that are used, differing because of the class structures of the different types of events.  The two forms that utilized are the Closed Course form and the Hill Climb form. Competitors are urged to complete the forms prior to appearing at an event.  This will help speed up the sign up process and ensures that your information, address, sponsors, etc. are correct.

In addition, BMC issues IRS form 1099 – Misc. for each tax year.  This means that if a Pro level competitor earns prize money for the entire season, for all events combined, of $600 or greater, they will receive a 1099.  It is critical that BMC have your correct SSN or EIN and address.  This information is acknowledged to be private information, and will be retained only by the BMC accountant and held as a private record, not available to club members nor the general public.

Spectator and Rider Releases

Spectator and Rider release are available at the events.  BMC follows generally accepted safety and risk management practices for operation of its facility.  With respect to competitive events, the short answer is if there is a safe, well marked and secure spectator area (“non-restricted” area), spectators will be allowed to enter the “non-restricted” area without signing a liability release.  All areas on BMC grounds that are outside of any designated “non-restricted” zone are considered “restricted” areas.   If there is no designated “non-restricted” area, all areas are considered “restricted”.

To enter a “restricted” area, an individual must sign a liability release form.  For adults, the process is easy, simply provide proof of age and sign the release at the gate.  For minors (under the age of 18), this becomes a bit more complicated.  Below we address a couple of the most common scenarios and the forms required to work around and hassles.

For minor spectators (under the age of 18) that will attend a BMC event and want to enter the “restricted” area (typically the pit area), it is required that the parents and/or legal guardians of the minor execute a release of liability on behalf of the minor in advance of the event.  When the minor presents this fully executed, signed and dated form, they will be allowed to enter the pit area.  Without this form, minors (under the age of 18) that are not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian will not be allowed to enter the restricted (pit) area.  For events that have a non-restricted (spectator only) area, unaccompanied minors will be allowed into such viewing areas without parental accompaniment or release forms. Download the Restricted Area Minor Release form.

If any minor (under the age of 18) will be attending a BMC event without their parents and/or legal guardians present, but will be attending with other adults, the parent and/or legal guardian can choose to give the attending adults the right to sign releases on their behalf.  This is accomplished by the parents and/or legal guardians of the minor executing a Power of Attorney form, which is the legal document that allows for the non-parents to sign on behalf of the parents.  This transfer of authority will work for both situations for minor spectators (simply watching the event but entering the “restricted” area in the company of the authorized adults) and minor participants (racing under the supervision of the authorized adults).  Download the Power of Attorney form..

Membership Types

Regular “Active” Member

If you or your family is looking to join our club, you can simply go to the top and download the Prospective Membership Form.   All you have to do is get two members to sponsor you into the club.  If you are new and simply don’t know of anyone in the club, I would advise you to look at our events and attend one or two of them.  I promise you that you will find two people that would be glad to sponsor you.  Remember, your sponsors will be the ones that look out for you so that you get your hours in (26 of them) as required.  The current membership fee is $380 for members of up to 3 years..  After that, you will be paying $260…    Remember, you still have to put in your required 26 hours (8 hrs at an event or events)

Regular Member’s Family has a child turning 18

A BMC family member that is 18 years of age through 23 years of age and enrolled as a full-time student or active duty military may continue as part of the “family” membership.  This exception to having to join separately when the family member turns 18 years of age requires completion and submission of the Application For Adult Dependent (for Full-Time Student/Active Duty Military) form.  Download the Adult Dependent form.

Associate Member

If  you simply don’t have time to dedicate to the club with hours, you can simply join without the waiting list or put in the required 28 hours.  All you have to do is fill out the Associate Membership form and send it to the address on the form.  You will be required to pay $1000 for the year.. Now you can take full advantage of our club.. You won’t be able to vote in our elections, but it will give you an opportunity to get to know several members so that you can get your sponsors in order for the following year.
If you have any other questions, you can simply go to “contact” and e-mail us your question… We’d be glad to answer them…

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