Dues & Renewal


The AMA has an Annual Membership for about $50, that includes roadside assistance. Competitors participating in BMC AMA events will need an AMA Membership, or pay a single-event AMA Fee, available at the event.

  • Obtain Applications and forms from a BMC member or see “Forms & Applications” in the Members section of this website
  • Membership Applications and Information can be obtained in the Members section of this site or by attending a BMC Meeting that occurs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month located at: Knights of Columbus on Grand Ave in Billings, MT
  • Current members receive a new season renewal form(s) at the beginning of each year
  • Current member Applications (including all Family Members and forms) and Dues are required by the First meeting in February
  • New Prospective Members can have a BMC Sponsor obtain a membership application, and will require 2 BMC Sponsors to sign the Application
  • New Prospective Members who get voted in will need to bring their completed applications and dues on the night they are voted in (they will be contacted by a BMC Secretary)
  • If your form(s) requires a Notary Public (such as a Minor Release form), please do so in advance.
  • Key Card: Renewed members will retain the key card they had previously, new members will receive a new card, per adult and must attend an Orientation Meeting
  • Fees: New members will pay $420 for the first 3 years, Existing members after 3 years will pay $300 per year annually.
  • Spouses/Live In Partners: Must complete the form and can obtain a Key card
  • Family Members: Minors must have both parents’ notarized signatures agreeing to the release language
  • Family Members that are Non-Riding: Should also be listed on the Additional Family Members Form
  • Grandparents:There is a separate form for grandparents wishing to get annual guardianship over a grandchild for supervised riding on the grounds as well
  • College Students & Active Military: Children of BMC members in good standing between the ages of 18 and 23 who are enrolled as a Full-Time Student and/or active duty military can be continued under the BMC Parent Member’s membership.  A separate release must be provided along with written documentation of their full-time student or active military status

Contact BMC Secretary Jeremy Bartram 406-860-3338 email Jeremy Here
or Contact BMC Treasurer Darrell Devitt 406-855-9988 email Darrell Here

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AMA Membership

Are you an AMA Member? Click here if you would like to renew or start a new AMA Membership.