BMC Membership Renewal

How Your BMC Membership Renewal Works:

  • Renew Your BMC Membership Online
  • Current member Applications (including all Family Members and forms) and Dues are required by the First meeting in February
  • If your form(s) requires a Notary Public (such as a Minor Release form), please do so in advance.
  • Key Card: Renewed members will retain the key card they had previously
  • Fees: New members will pay $420 for the first 3 years, Existing members after 3 years will pay $300 per year annually.
  • Spouses/Live In Partners: Must complete the form and can obtain a Key card
  • Family Members: Minors must have both parents’ notarized signatures agreeing to the release language
  • Family Members that are Non-Riding: Should also be listed on the Additional Family Members Form
  • Grandparents: There is a separate form for grandparents wishing to get annual guardianship over a grandchild for supervised riding on the grounds as well
  • College Students & Active Military: Children of BMC members in good standing between the ages of 18 and 23 who are enrolled as a Full-Time Student and/or active duty military can be continued under the BMC Parent Member’s membership.  A separate release must be provided along with written documentation of their full-time student or active military status

Didn’t Receive your Membership Renewal Form(s)? Send an Email to the BMC.

AMA Membership

Are you an AMA Member? Click here if you would like to renew or start a new AMA Membership.