BMC Handbook & Race Rules

The BMC maintains a comprehensive BMC Handbook for its members that contains General Information, Promoter tips, Club Bylaws and Race Rules. Each year a new members packet with a new Handbook is available for pickup at the 2nd March meeting. Members are required to read the handbook and understand its contents and yearly changes and amendments.

Every October-November, the Handbook is open for suggested additions, corrections, new tips and amendments to bylaws and race rules. BMC members can submit their typed suggestion in person, at a member meeting during October. All suggestions are voted on during the first meeting in November.

Click here for a PDF download of this year’s Rule Book.

Good conduct of our membership while free riding on Club grounds is extremely important. There are 450 Active member families and another 125 lifetime members who use the grounds for weekday and weekend recreation. We all have to watch out for one and other, and make sure a great and safe time is had by all.

The safety of members, fans and competitors that attend BMC competition events is of the highest concern for Billings Motorcycle Club. BMC members are expected to look for unsafe situations, report such risks immediately to event promoters, event staff or available Board member and if necessary take immediate action to attempt to remedy such situations without putting themselves in harm’s way.

If you have any questions regarding a BMC point in the Handbook, contact a Board Member or other experienced member and inquire. If you have a new idea or an important experience, please contact a board member, or share your thoughts at a member meeting.