Bentonite Brawl Hard Enduro

Bentonite Brawl Hard Enduro USA Series

The Bentonite Brawl Hard Enduro at the Billings Motorcycle Club utilizes the Club’s 1,450 acre riding area that includes steep Bentonite hills, MX Tracks, Endurocross course, and a dynamic array of challenging natural terrain, jumps, concrete, coulees, big downhills, and high heart rates. With 15-20 mile laps, the course is only finished by the hardest of riders. The first race at BMC had 80 competitors and only 14 finished. Several riders could not complete a single lap.

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Competitor Information

  • Pits open at 3PM Friday
  • Walk on course Friday (no pre ride)
  • Race at Noon on Saturday
  • Pros $75
  • Amateurs $50
  • Competitor sign-ups at USA Hard Enduro
  • Riders Meeting 11:30 AM

Parking, Food, Beverage and Spectators

Camp Friday night and Saturday night. Bring your lawn chairs, canopies, tarp covers, toy haulers, campers, trailers, tailgate set-ups and other outdoor supplies for a wonderful day of riding and watching. Camping is available. No pets or campfires allowed.

Directions to the Billings Motorcycle Club (BMC)
3630 Old Blue Creek Road • Billings, MT 59101