Supercross at Montana Fair @ Outdoor Grand Stands
Aug 13 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Supercross Billings BMC

bmc-sponsor-square-FordJoin thousands of Supercross fans in Metra Park’s outdoor Grand Stands for one of Montana Fair’s most spectacular and attractive events. Supercross athletes come from across the country to compete for the top podium spot and these riders take their championships to the edge. Enjoy delicious food, ice cold beverages and take a look at the hottest new motorcycles and accessories on display by Motorsports vendors from around the region. Keep your eyes and ears out for crowd giveaways, special offers, raffles and play-by-play commentary.

Spectator Entry Fee

Tickets available at Montana Fair gate and ahead of time during Montana Fair at Montana Fair Metra Park restrictions apply. Event notices will be on the Montana fair Supercross web page.

Competitor Sign Up Online and Information

A Word Of Caution: We know how many of you competitors want to ride this event. If you have just started riding motorcycles, this is not a race for beginners. If you don’t know simple rules of racing such as “picking a line,” and flags, you could endanger yourself and some of the riders that have been racing for years. Getting in the way of someone jumping because you’ve moved into someone else’s line could end up in a disaster. Supercross requires knowledge and safety.


  • Registration will be available Online soon

  • Or Use the Downloadable Registration Form, and Information PDF

  • A Pro Purse of $13,500 is expected for this event! This year proves to be exciting once again, with a new track layout designed and built from the latest features from Pro Circuit courses.

  • Practice is Tuesday from 10AM-2PM

Pit Bike Race (TBD)

A Pit Bike Race might be scheduled with this year’s Intermission Show.

Pits, Practice & Race Times

  • Pits open for set up Monday 5-8PM, and Tuesday after 8AM
  • Practice is 10AM-2PM Tuesday
  • Race is 6PM-10PM Tuesday

Pro Rider “Dash for Cash” during halftime: $1,500 up for grabs this year

The Chassis Works in Billings is putting up the Cash for the Dash. During the Dash, the rider in first place at the end of each lap (1-5) wins the designated money for that lap:

  • Lap 1 Winner gets $100
  • Lap 2 Winner gets $200
  • Lap 3 Winner gets $300
  • Lap 4 Winner gets $400
  • Lap5 winner gets $500

If a single rider stays in first place for the entire 5-lap Dash, they take home the entire $1,500.

Rules, Classes and Notices

Race Registration: You must have your Full Name, Address, Phone Number and Social Security Number must clearly be readable for State and Federal Income Tax purposes.

Class Notes: Contact a Promoter with Questions

  • 0-55cc Class Air/Liquid
  • A rider may not enter a machine in more than one class within the same classification
  • Air, means the bike cannot be liquid cooled
  • Age limit for 0-55cc rider is 9. If a rider turns 10 after January 1st, they may compete the current year in the 0-55cc Class… Make sure you have proof. i.e., birth certificate (if asked)

How do I know what class I belong in?

65cc class is 56cc-70cc

  • Rider must be under 12 years old as of January 1 of the current race season
  • Supercross ages 6-8 and 9-11

85cc is 71cc-90cc Class or up to 150cc 4 strokes

  • Rider must be under 16 as of January 1 of the current race season

Super Mini is 70cc -112cc

  • Rider must be under 16 years old as of January 1 of the current race season

Women’s Exhibition Class

  • Due to a lower turn out for Women riders, a single 4-Lap Exhibition Moto will be held after Half time.

A Classes

  • 250cc Class: You can ride 125-200cc two strokes. and 151-250cc four strokes. (No 250cc 2 strokes)
  • 450cc Class: You can ride 250cc-450cc two strokes and 251-450cc fours strokes. (No 250cc 4 strokes) KTM 350 is ok
  • Payouts 1st $1,300 • 2nd $1,000 • 3rd $800 • 4th $600 • 5th $500 • 6th $350 • 7th $300 • 8th $250 • 9th $200 • 10th $175 • 11th $150 • 12th $125

B Classes

  • 250 “B” You can ride 125-200cc two strokes and 151 -250cc four strokes. (No 250cc 2 strokes)
  • 450 “B” You can ride 250-450cc two strokes and 251-450cc four strokes. (No 250cc 4 strokes) KTM 350 is ok

Riders will be classified as either “A” Expert or “B” Junior Riders

  • Any rider who has held or holds a professional License will be classified as an “A” rider. Any rider holding another organizations” or district’s competition license with a ration higher than his district license shall ride in the higher classification. Failure to disclose this information shall result in suspension.
  • If you sign up once for the “A” Class, you will always be in the “A” Class. An “A” rider cannot ride “B” Class in one class and “A” in another class without the exception of the Mini Bike Class
  • Any rider may change rider classification by application to the Board of Directors to move from the “A: Class to the “B” Class. (BMC Board)
  • A rider may be classified as an “A” rider in one discipline but be classified as a “B” rider in another discipline: Hill climb, Off Road-Open Course, Off Road Closed Course – Motocross, Scrambles, Supercross, and Flat Track etc.
  • Women can ride in all classes listed above

Contact the Promoters with any questions

Lonnie Quast 406-670-9751
Dusty Quast, 406-672-4817


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