Welcome to the 2017 Season, Competitors!

Signing up for an event

Keep track of our Events page and follow instructions for event signups. In some cases, online pre-registration is available. Fill out any forms on time and completely, make necessary payments and provide your Nickname if you have one and note your sponsors. Some events have a late signup, but time is limited, so check the event detail. If a late signup is allowed, be at the event in advance to assure your participation.

Rider and Spectator Safety

The safety of the people that attend BMC competition events is the highest concern for Billings Motorcycle Club.  This includes riders, pit people and spectators, as well as BMC and Non-BMC volunteer workers such as flag personnel and EMS workers.  BMC members and Non-members whether racing or supporting the event are expected to look for unsafe situations, report such risks immediately to event promoters and take immediate action to attempt to remedy such situations without putting themselves in harm’s way. With respect to authority, the primary event promoter is the on-site authority with respect to any situation that involves the safety of event attendees and participants.

While a referee may be called upon for consultation at an event, safety matters are the ultimate responsibility of the event promoter, who is responsible to the Board.  Safety is of paramount importance to the club.  Any disputed issues or protested event results, pursuant to the BMC Rules and Bylaws, will be decided by the BMC Board.

Camping and Competitor Pit Set up

Most BMC events welcome competitors to camp. Smaller events are first-come, first-serve for positions and larger events require a reserved pit section to keep large amounts of competitors organized. Grounds are open from 5AM to Midnight, so if you make a late errand off of the grounds, you must be back before the gates close at midnight. Casey’s Corner gas station is the closest retail services. Open flame cooking and fires are permitted, but subject to fire restrictions. Check with your promoter for current status and permissions.

Helmets and protective gear

All competitors and BMC members MUST wear a helmet when on their motorcycle anywhere on BMC Club grounds including the race courses, pit areas, practice areas and roads. Protective gear other than mandatory helmets, is up to the competitor and can include, MX boots, goggles, neck brace, chest protector, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, kidney belt. Shaded or mirrored goggle lenses can aid visual ability on courses for event that occur during the bright morning, day or evening sun. Other equipment can help with weather that can include rain, wind, sand storms. Heavy weather will result in a break in the event, should the lead promoter deem it necessary.

Pit Areas during the event

No riding motorcycles in the pit areas. Motorcycles must be “walked” through all pit areas, while on the way to the staging and starting lines. Once the competitor and bike reach a starting line and receive the okay to “start your bike,” the machine can be started. When a race is finished, the engine must be killed and the bike walked back through the pit area.

Riders Meetings

A riders meeting occurs just before an event begins. Listen for the announcement and attend the meeting for up-to-date information on classes, track status and any other issues.

Duplicate number plates in the same class

If a duplicate number is discovered in the same class, one rider will have to use a black tape “strike through” to differentiate the two.

Minor Release Form (if the Parents will not be at the race, and your child is under 18 years of age)

If you as a Parent will not be at the race your child wants to attend e.g., your child will attend with other adults or friends (without you), you as a the parents (both) MUST complete this Minor Release Form, notarize it, and mail it 72 hours prior to the event. Download the form, print it and mail it to Billings Motorcycle Club, Attn: Race Title / Race Promoter or Darrell Devitt, PO BMC 20421, Billings, MT 59104-0421. Contact the Promoter to assure receipt.

Directions to the Billings Motorcycle Club Grounds Entrance and Gate

See our map or from I-90 through Billings: Exit 447 off of I-90 (South Billings Blvd.), head south across the Yellowstone river and turn left at Casey’s Corner Exxon Station, continue 1.5 miles along the river to the large white BMC gate on the right. Once you drive through the main white gate, you’ll see an entrance and ticket area for the event. GPS location is 3630 Old Blue Creek Rd.

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