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Billings, Montana
$ 600.00

Rev-Lock Clutch. Clutch Plates, Extra Balls & Springs included.

Used in a 2003 CRF 450, but couldn't get a feel for the Auto-Clutch ability. I rode with it 2 times in less than a hour, and decided that it wasn't for me.

what does Rev-Lock do?

it's a automatic clutch system that eliminates the clutch lever all together. it allows for quicker cornering by allowing the rider to brake slide into a corner by locking the rear wheel. rather than stalling, the clutch simply disengages as the wheels lock, then engages as the brakes are released and throttle is applied. you can exit a corner at a higher gear because the clutch slips briefly as you roll on the throttle, then engages automatically as RPM's increase.

works well in situations that's tight, rooted, rutted uphill sections where you would normally have to feather the clutch to clear the section.

asking $600 or best offer
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