Austin Cardwell Competes again at Winter X-Games 2019 [this time with brother TyCat Cardwell and Austin Teyler]

Austin Cardwell (and this year his brother TyCat Cardwell, and Austin Teyler) head to the Winter X-Games for the second annual Harley Davidson Snow hill climb! This year will be bigger and better as they will be running a new course with a total of 16 racers. “Congrats to the other racers for getting the invite but more importantly to my little brother and older brother for getting their invites as well!” says Austin. Tyler Cardwell will be competing this year and unfortunately Sean Cardwell is still recovering from his torn ACL and had to decline. Team Cardwell is beyond thankful for this opportunity and hope to bring home some hardware.

The First Annual X-Game Snow Climb was a later minute addition tot he games, where a pilot group of riders raced up the snow pipe. This year a special and more challenging course has been designed.


Team Cardwell and its riders Austin and TyCat are sponsored by:

Octane Addictions
Klim Technical Riding Gear
Destination X
Erics Cylinder Service
Harley Davidson