Event Descriptions

The BMC hosts over 25 public event days each season

These events are open to public competitors and spectators

  • Gate fees are typically $10 for an event day (for both spectators and competitors)
  • Camping is available for most events $20-$30
  • Competitor Fees to Race vary from $30-$100+
  • Concessions are available at most events
  • No Dogs allowed at the Club for animal, spectator and rider safety

Directions to BMC Grounds

In Billings, Exit 447 off of I-90, onto South Billings Boulevard (heading South), continue South across the Yellowstone river bridge, turn left at Casey’s Corner Exxon Station, go 1.5 miles along the river to  the large white gate on the right and enter.

Check out the Maps and Tracks

You can see basic imagery of the tracks and grounds here

Motocross Race: 40th Annual MX Scrambles

Event Date: Usually Late April on a Sunday

Location: BMC Grounds / Scrambles Track

This is the kick off BMC season event each year. Come watch or race a high speed Motocross Scrambles race, designed after turn track style that eventually became Motocross today. Track includes high speed stretches and an array of left and right hand turns including hair pins. This track is challenging for all types of rider levels (beginner and expert) and fans enjoy spectacular viewing areas all around the track.

Motocross: Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier
Motocross: Spring, Summer and Fall Classic
Motocross: Friday Night Series (half track)

Event Date: Usually one major MX per month in the summer

Location: BMC Grounds / 2-Mile Motocross Track

Join the fans and competitors that awe at the hundreds of pro Motocross athletes who come from far regions for a chance to Qualify for a National Loretta MX as well as several other Motocross races throughout the season. Competitors race on BMC’s famous Yellowstone River 2-mile Forest Track.

The MX course has high flying jumps, and is technical, fast and full of features that include double and triple jumps, woops, sand and deep loam berm corners, table tops, rhythm sections, hair pin turns, sand sections and sweeping curves and downhill and uphill jumps. The MX track is a rich, organics dirt track with a new sprinkler system, a host of heavy equipment and professional track engineers.

Hill Climb: Big Sky Challenge

Hill Climb: Great American Championship

Hill Climb: Nightmare

Hill Climb: Fall

Event Date: June, July, August, September

Location: BMC Grounds / On the respective Hill Course

All Hill Climbs are two day events that include racing under the lights and side by side “Showdown” racing each night. The BMC has designated hills for each event, that are for competition only—not open to practice. The Fall Hill Climb is a single day event on a “surprise” course each year.

The BMC created and continues to host the internationally famous “Great American Championship Hill Climb” which is nearly 100 years old. All hill climbs are professional events with the exception of the Fall hill climb.

The BMC is considered The Hill Climbing Capitol of the World® with the largest variety of hill terrain and rider challenges in a single facility. The hill climbs attract national and international competitors and spectators.

Each event and associated hill has it’s unique challenges and is prepped for racing (weeks of watering and course layout). At the BMC Hill Climbs, only rubber tires are allowed (no extra tire bolts, chains etc.) to allow for maximum course challenge and display of acute rider ability.

Supercross Outdoors

Event Date: August

Location: Metra Park Outdoor Grandstands during Montana Fair

If you like high-flying outdoor motorcycle action, then this is an event you won’t want to miss. Supercross continues to be one of the most physically-demanding sports there is, and these professional athletes will punch out lap after lap of serious 30-foot air jumps, whoop sections, double and triple jumps, 120 feet long jumps, rhythm sections, roller sections and a challenging array of other technical Supercross-style track conditions.

Each year, BMC members design a new track based on trending designs and supercross track variety. The BMC also has it’s own supercross track that sometimes holds events.


Event Date: Varies, but the course is always used in the major BMC Cross Country Races

Location: BMC Grounds / Endurocross Track

Billings Motorcycle Club’s Endurocross track is a technical and challenging Endurocross style track with log hops, Huge Tire rollers, cement piping, rock pit, telephone pole apex runs, pile of tires, cement mixer barrel run, wooden spindle weaver, and section and other natural course features. This course is based on the latest and popular Endurocross technical features and is not for the fain hearted. Fans enjoy incredible jumps and fast runs through what seems to be an impossible ride on a motorcycle.

ATV Sand Drags – Under the Lights

Event Date: Usually a 3-4 race series throughout the season

Location: BMC Grounds / Sand Drag Strip

Nothing like a pair of roaring engines as competitors line up side-by-side in the deep sandy 300-foot sand strip under the lights at the BMC. Enjoy ATVs, four-wheelers, sand drag machines, snow mobiles, side-by-sides  and throaty dirt bikes test the horse power of their machines as they wait for the green light to “pull the trigger” and go! Shooting roost for the entire drag strip course is a common scene at the Sand drags and impressive speeds take the lead to victory. From stock classes to incredible engines that have super-charged power, you’ll love the starts and finishes at the BMC Sand Drags.

Open to the Public Ride Day

Event Date: One Sunday TBD each year

Location: BMC Grounds / Tracks / Trails

Billings Motorcycle Club opens its entire motosports complex to the public from 9AM-5PM at least once per year. Anyone able to come through the gates with an off-road motorcycle can ride the 10 respective closed course tracks, and 2-Wheeled motorcycles can explore the 1,421 acres of trails hills and coulees designed for 2-wheeled motorcycles only. All entrants will sign a waiver, receive a plate sticker, wristband and understand the basic safety guidelines. Local motorsports vendors and club sponsors are present.

Flat Track – Under the Lights

Event Date: Usually a 4-5 race series throughout the season

Location: BMC Grounds / Flat Track

Races are Under the Lights on BMC’s prepped oval track, equipped with bleachers and concessions. These are the fastest bikes on dirt … running serious miles an hour into each rear-sliding oval end turn. BMC flat track races continue to attract athletes from all over the region to challenge their bullet speed skills on Billings’ dirt. Watch new and vintage bike classes battle for the fastest finish. High speed flat track is fun for the whole family.

Cross Country: 41st Annual Elk Basin Race

Part of the Montana XC Series and AMA Sanctioned

Location: Elk Basin near Belfry Montana

BMC’s World Famous Elk Basin Cross Country race will be returning for its 41st year running and is still free for spectators. Rider athletes know to expect a challenging course consisting of miles of single track, rocks, sagebrush, hill climbs, descents, ascents, side hills, sand sections, rocky runs, root ways, timber limb dodging, a few natural jumps and everything in between that requires top-notch endurance for both the rider and the bike. Elk Basin outside of Belfry Montana is considered high desert Bad Lands terrain and is no walk in the park by any means. Many top competitors in the Pro classes can find their body or bike unable to finish and that is why fans and rider teams will see a “No Whimps Allowed” sign at the event entrance. The full course is approximately 20 miles to complete a single lap and course design changes each year to keep the event ride dynamic and ever-changing. Youth Classes, Women and Open C race Saturday; and although not as difficult a course, still challenges the kids and beginners and they are just as enjoyable to watch. A and B classes race Sunday on the big course.

Fans and riders typically make it a whole weekend and camp, with a Poker Run on the main course after Saturday’s races, yarn-telling around the evening campfires and the main Events starting Sunday morning. The schedule is below and times are tentative.

Coyote Run Cross Country

Part of the Montana XC Series

Event Date: Fall

Location: BMC Grounds / course layout on 1,400 acres

The Coyote Run is a cross country on the BMC grounds utilizing 1,400 acres and the lower grounds area, including extra elements such as the Motocross and Endurocross tracks. Course layout includes a large variety of single track, wide track, rock and brush, coulees, uphills and downhills, sand dirt, tree sections and more. Course length can be anywhere from 15-20 miles. Classes include kids, ladies, A, B, C.

4 Hour Marathon

Event Date: Fall

Part of the Montana XC Series

Location: BMC Grounds / course layout on 1,400 acres

The BMC Four-Hour Cross Country Marathon is exactly what it sounds like …  a non-stop four hour endurance race with rider teams of two, with each rider completing two laps before the rider change. The Four-hour marathon race currently takes advantage of a large portion of the 1,400 acre space using the Motocross Track, the Endurocross Track and miles of wild bad lands terrain to hold a challenging race for the pros and an appropriate version for youth riders. In addition to sage brush side-hilling, single tracks, deep coulees, winding uphill shots, wide sweepers, snaking-through-the-trees lines, and rocky rooty sections.  Competitors train hard and spectators enjoy a family picnic style day, with wide a variety of viewing locations at an awesome September event.